Pasta with yellowfin tuna and special piquilla hot pepper sauce

Pasta con Atún Claro y salsa especial del piquillo

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Serves 4:
– One 250 g can of Ortiz Yellowfin Tuna in Olive Oil
– 400 g pasta
– 5 cherry tomatoes
– Diced cheese
– 1 egg

For the sauce:
– 150 g ‘piquillo’ hot peppers
– 100 ml single cream
– 100 ml milk
– Salt
– Pepper


Cook the pasta until it is just done. Drain the Ortiz yellowfin tuna and break it up. Mix with the diced cheese and the egg (hard boiled). To prepare the sauce: Blend the ‘piquillo’ hot peppers, liquid cream and milk in a blender with a pinch each of salt and pepper. Heat the sauce to thicken and pour over the pasta.