For that special moment

Don’t know what to prepare for that special meal? We’ll show you some amazing dishes for all occasions.


Ratatouille and anchovy tartlets

Chop the onion, green and red peppers…

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pirámide de bonito

White tuna pyramid with vegetables

Roast the red pepper, peel it, cut it…

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White Tuna with Vegetable Vinaigrette

Take the White tuna from the jar and place…

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Tomate con Bonito del Norte a la italiana

Italian style White tuna with tomato

Carefully clean and deseed the tomatoes….

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Toast with vegetables and Bonito del Norte

Mixed the skinned tomatoes and lettuce…

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Ortiz White Tuna Belly Fillets with Tender Onion

On each plate, assemble a “bouquet”…

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White Tuna Belly Fillets with Vegetables

Roast the peppers and aubergines in the…

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Surf and turf toast

Mix the cooked potatoes with 1/2 a can…

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