Salted anchovies


Prepare your anchovies to your taste!

Anchovies in salt are ideal for preparing to your taste. They are classified by size and matured in cans Alla Vera Carne (with very little salt between the layers of anchovies). They are then ready to be prepared to your taste:for example, you can fillet them carefully with a knife and enjoy them with extra virgin olive oil and a dash of balsamic vinegar added at the last moment. Or, in order to enjoy the authentic flavour of the anchovies, you could add them to a puttanesca pasta sauce.

(See “How to clean salted anchovies” on Youtube)

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Available formats:

Can 5 Kg

  • Format: RO- 3900
  • Net weight: 3900 gr
  • Drained weight: 3100 gr
  • EAN barcode: 84 11320 110775
  • Units per box: 4

Can 10 Kg

  • Format: RO- 8400
  • Net weight: 10000 gr
  • Drained weight: 8000 gr
  • EAN barcode: 84 11320 110386
  • Units per box: 2