What are belly fillets? How can I identify a product in bad condition? What‘s the difference between White Tuna and Yellowfin Tuna? What’s the difference between salted anchovies and anchovy fillets?


Discover some interesting facts about the world of Conservas Ortiz.

How we make our preserves, the secrets of a healthy diet, and the techniques used in sustainable fishing. We explain it all for you.


Sustainable fishing

Sustainable fishing methods

Salting and Filleting

The traditional techniques used to prepare the fish

Quality Control

We take painstaking care over our preparation process

How to Enjoy Cantabrian Anchovies

The characteristic flavour of Cantabrian anchovies


The Benefits of Omega 3

Omega 3 helps to prevent illnesses


The Mediterranean Diet

The keys to an ancient and healthy diet


At Conservas Ortiz we comply with food safety

Heating with a bain marie

Do you want to serve your prepared Conservas Ortiz dishes

How to Prepare Stuffed Peppers

Stuffed peppers are very versatile

How to Enjoy White Tuna Fillets

White tuna fillets are

How to Enjoy White Tuna

Ortiz White Tuna is traditionally

How to Enjoy Marinated Chub Mackerel

Marinated chub mackerel is

Our Pre-Cooked Dishes: healthy and quick to prepare

Fish Stew, Tuna Sirloins in Tomato