Salad of Fried mackerel in escabeche

Ensalada de verdel escabechado

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– 60 g Ortiz Fried Fried mackerel in Escabeche
– Mixed lettuce leaves
– 60 g tomato
– 30 g spring onions
– 1 cherry tomato


Peel, deseed and dice the tomato. Place to one side. Dice the onion and poach slowly. When the onion softens, add the tomato and oregano and bring to the boil. Add a little salt and sugar if it’s too sharp. Clean the mixed lettuce and place in a bed around the dish, place the tomato-onion mixture in the middle with the slices of marinated mackerel on top.Decorate with a trickle of ratatouille and a cherry tomato “rose”.