The Benefits of Omega 3


Omega 3 acids are members of a group of substances whose consumption is very beneficial to health. White Tuna and Chub Mackerel both contain large amounts of Omega 3 acids.

Cardiovascular problems, some kinds of cancer, lung diseases, skin diseases, etc., are almost non-existent in those communities with a high intake of these nutrients.

The increase in harmful cholesterol is one of modern day society’s greatest health problems. Omega 3 fatty acids control blood pressure and make the arteries more flexible. This all helps to prevent cardiovascular disorders.

For your children

Newborn babies benefit most from Omega 3 acids. Even during pregnancy, these nutrients are vital for the growth of the baby. Pregnant women and breast-feeding children also benefit from the nutritional supplements provided by blue fish.

For everyone

We can all benefit from the excellent qualities of these fatty acids, but they are especially good for such specific population groups as smokers or those with high fat consumption.

Many studies have also shown that Omega 3 fatty acids can reduce the spread of cancer cells.