Sustainable fishing


Preserving our fisheries is one of today’s major environmental problems. We at Conservas Ortiz are concerned about the future of our fish stocks, as well as how to regenerate the species we catch. That’s why we use the “live bait” and “trolling” techniques to catch White Tuna and “purse seine nets” for Anchovy.

The first basically consists of using fresh live bait to attract the fish better. This bait usually consists of small fish.

The first step is to get the bait out of the sea, very carefully. For this we use dip nets and it is then be kept in our nurseries for several days.

The fishermen use hoses to imitate the movement of the shoals of fish.

When fishing starts, the fishermen line up along one flank of the boat. The rods have a short line with the live bait on the hooks. If the shoal is made up of very large fish then the men work in pairs.

Live bait is a traditional fishing technique that has been widely used throughout history by Cantabrian fishermen.

Purse seine nets, however, are large rectangular nets that completely surround the shoals of fish.